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Carlisle 4073100 Carlisle Roll 'n Grip Adjustable Brush, Broom And Mop Closet Rack

If you're a household or commercial kitchen with mops, brushes and brooms stashed away in some corer un organized and on the floor-this is your solution to becoming organized. Carlisle 4073100 Roll 'N Grip Adjustable Brush, Broom and Mop Closet Rack in addition to being organized keeps your floor cleaning supplies from damaging the bristles, counters and walls while stored making for cleaning supplies that last longer. Bacteria and the built of of smelly brushes is also a thing of the past because now they can hang allowing them to air out and not sit there wet and cold building up mold. The rack is self adjusting by having plastic roller grippers that widen and narrow to the size needed. There is also a hook that can hang smaller brushes and tools along side the floor cleaning supplies.

  • 4 hangers
  • Hook for smaller items
  • Prevents damage to cleanign supplies
Length18 inches
TypeJanitorial Rack
Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.75   lb
Case Weight: 114   lb
Carlisle Roll 'n Grip Adjustable Brush, Broom And Mop Closet Rack

Product Id:   125523     Mfg #:   4073100
Case Pk:   12

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