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Carlisle 1033214 Smart Lid™ Food Pan Lid, 1/9-size, Snap-on With Easy-grip Corner Tab, Molded-in Lid Size , Leak-resistant, Dishwasher Safe, Polyethylene, Blue

This solid light blue polysulfone smart lid is a plastic lid that can withstand temperatures up to 375 F! The Carlisle 1033214 blue smart lid as a ninth size lid designed to fit all ninth size food pans for your salad and food display. It comes with an easy lift handle and a top notch to reduce hand to food contact. This durable lid fits all food pans regardless of the height that match its length and width dimensions and it meets inter stacking standards. Use this lid to keep chilled foods cold and fresh or hot foods protected and moist during storage or display! Include the Carlisle 1033214 blue polysulfone ninth size food pan lid when ordering from Standard Restaurant Supply where you?ll find the best service and selection in restaurant supplies, food service equipment and more!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 0.95   lb
Case Weight: 3   lb
Height:0.5   in
Width:6.75   in
Depth:4.25   in
Carlisle Food Service Products 1033214 Smart Lid For Food Contai

Product Id:   125173     Mfg #:   1033214

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