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Carlisle RE14 Opticlean™ Open Glass Rack Extender, Full-size, Inside Height 1.56", Snap-on, Dishwasher Safe, Polypropylene, Textured Finish, Blue

This RE14 glass rack extender made by Carlisle is designed to set inside the regular dish rack for specialty size glasses such as wine glasses with stems and over sized bowls. Just insert them inside the dish rack to create your own personalized compartment size. These rack extenders are perfect for transporting or storing a multiple variety of glasses, cups, and bottles and more. Use it wherever and whenever you need. Put it buy the sink to allow washed glasses to air dry. This dish rack has easy to grip handles for convenience in removing from storage or transporting dishes to catered events. Pick all the RE14 glass racks made by Carlisle that you need from the Kitchen Restaurant Store; your number one distributer of food service equipment and restaurant supplies worldwide!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 7.75   lb
Case Weight: 46.5   lb
Height:1.75   in
Width:19.75   in
Depth:19.75   in
Carlisle Food Service Products Re14 Dish Rack Extender, Open, 2.

Product Id:   121900     Mfg #:   RE14
Case Pk:   6

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