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Carlisle food pans with a top notch spoon lift are the easy answer to food safety when displaying trays in your food and salad bar. The 1020303 Carlisle top notch food container is made entirely of durable black polycarbonate for lasting use. The interior is designed with coved corners for and easy clean! This durable plastic can withstand temperatures up to 212F so just let your dishwasher do the rinsing and sanitizing. The high gloss black plastic is resistant to food acids and oils so your pan will look great each time it is cleaned and returned for another display. Fill it with meats or dressing worry free. This great food pan is designed so all sizes can stack together for easy space saving storage. View Carlisle?s 1020303 polycarbonate food pan along with the best ideas and prices for restaurant supplies and food service equipment at Standard Restaurant Supply online today!

Overall Specifications
Weight: 19.5   lb
Case Weight: 108   lb
Height:8   in
Width:20.75   in
Depth:12.75   in
Carlisle Food Service Products 1020303 Food Storage Container, F

Product Id:   120397     Mfg #:   1020303

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