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Carlisle 1030203 Topnotch® Food Pan, 1/6-size Pan, 2-1/2 Qt. Capacity, 6" Deep, Easy-lift Notch, Stackable, Break/stain-resistant, Capacity Indicators, Dishwasher Safe, Polycarbonate, Black, Nsf

When you prepare a store in the morning, you need food storage containers! These Carlisle 1073402 Food Storage Containers and Lids are the perfect fit for your store! These stackable storage containers are so perfect for storing condiments, spices, toppings, leftover foods; or even herbs. The plastic exterior texture on corners, edges, handles, and container bottom helps prevent scratches, improves durability, and how about the capacity indicators? They will help control your inventory count, instead of making guesses on how much product will be needed. The darker colored containers also protect most perishable products from spoiling in the sunlight.

Overall Specifications
Weight: 3.8   lb
Case Weight: 22.8   lb
Height:6   in
Width:6.78   in
Depth:6.38   in
Carlisle Food Service Products 1030203 Food Storage Container, 1

Product Id:   120380     Mfg #:   1030203

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