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This 32 oz Polycarbonate 3 Spout Water Pitcher is brought to you by Thunder Group PLWP032CL. It is a great choice for restaurants and catering equipment because its looks and feels like glass. It is break resistant and scratch resistant for performance you can rely on. This pitcher features 3 spouts, that will enable you to pour your beverages from any spout you choose.This pitcher is ideal for poolside beverage service and other outdoor functions, like barbecues, parties and more.

  • Mimics the Look and Feel of Glass
  • 3 Spouts
  • Unbreakable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Scratch Resistant
TypeWater Pitcher
Capacity32 ounces
Overall Specifications
Weight: 4.83   lb
Case Weight: 57.96   lb
Thunder Group Plwp032cl Polycarbonate Plastic Water Pitcher 32 Oz

Product Id:   479736     Mfg #:   PLWP032CL

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